Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS professor receives IBM Faculty Award

Dr. James Plank

EECS Professor James Plank has been awarded a 2012 IBM Faculty Award. The $30,000 award is highly competitive and recognizes the quality of an academic program and its importance to industry.

Plank said the award came out of a collaboration with Jim Hafner, a researcher at IBM, whom he worked with on fault-tolerant storage systems.

“The project is to enrich the failure handling capabilities of Key-Value stores, which are how systems like Facebook and Twitter are able to store and propagate the millions of simultaneous updates that they get from their millions of distributed users,” Plank explained. 

Plank will be using the award to fund student research.

“During the summer, I'll be directing undergraduate research, which we hope to get embedded directly into some of IBM's storage products,” Plank said. “The researchers at IBM are super-smart, and they have access to cutting-edge resources.”

He added, “I am very excited to get this award and to further my collaboration with IBM.”


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