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Investment firm seeks back-end engineer and data powerlifter


Abdiel Capital is an investment fund in New York with over $900 million under management. We concentrate our portfolio in the publicly-traded shares of 10 or so businesses. More information on the work and culture of Abdiel can be found at our website,



You will be expanding and in some cases re-architecting our existing back-end platform and data structures. Specifically, you will make significant contributions immediately by:

  1. creating and governing the APIs and database structures that allow us to ingest new types of data,
  2. scrubbing and munging structured / unstructured data to improve our in-house data science capabilities,
  3. helping our front-end application development efforts by redesigning our back-end data structures while respecting or changing dependencies, and
  4. upgrading and expanding our existing APIs and scripts, so that they are more resilient and result in better data hygiene.


The position is full-time. Compensation and benefits are competitive. You will be working from Abdiel’s office, though periodic off-site arrangements may be considered.



  1. You have become fluent in all things MySQL through extensive experience (either as a professional, academic, or obsessive tinkerer), preferably using AWS RDS;
  2. you are highly skilled in Python scripting, and are proficient in VBA, Excel, Windows batch scripting, Linux, and managing SFTP deployments via AWS EC2;
  3. you have familiarity in Solr/Lucerne, or can master it quickly;
  4. you rely on code versioning tools, particularly Git;
  5. you have formally studied Computer Science and will have an undergrad degree by early fall 2017, with a minimum GPA of 3.8; and



  1. You want to automate everything that moves.
  2. Your development efforts are rugged and reliable by instinct. You find brittleness to be disgraceful.
  3. You like that experience of losing track of time while you concentrate all your mental powers on solving a thorny problem.
  4. You have a keen interest in the possibilities afforded by data science, and you are excited about tackling the challenges of big data management and laying the foundation for machine learning.


To apply, send a resume and college transcript to Please also include a cover letter that answers the three questions below. The response to each question should not exceed 3-5 sentences.


  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve written that no one has noticed? (Think: patch, fix or other back-end improvement or optimization)
  • Describe a time when you hit a road block in a project and how you worked around it.
  • How would you fill a blank workday, assuming all of your deadlines and deliverables have been met?


Posted 7-20-2017

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